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Every Kid at the PAC

A significant segment of our youth lack access to the performing arts. In fact, 20 of our 24 local elementary schools have a majority of their student population that qualifies for free and reduced meals, and these same schools have a minority population over 50%.

The Larson Gross & Washington Trust Bank Every Kid at the PAC (EKAP) is an outreach program committed to improving the quality of life for North Central Washington’s underprivileged youth. EKAP includes a three-pronged approach to allow students in local schools, especially those with high poverty populations, to experience the performing arts:

  • Performances at the Numerica PAC
  • In-school assemblies
  • In-school classroom workshops

EKAP offers dynamic, interactive exchanges between students and artists designed to inspire creativity, motivation, imagination as well as promoting cross-cultural communication. These educational experiences help students build a positive self-image as well as an enriched understanding and appreciation of their community.

Since its start, EKAP has worked with 12 school districts: Wenatchee, Eastmont, Cashmere, Cascade, Quincy, Entiat, Orondo, Waterville, Chelan, Manson, Pateros, the Palisades, and more to come! If you are intersted in participating in our EKAP program, please contact Alex Haley at [email protected].

EKAP 2023/2024 Events

  • When You Wish Upon a Star – October 10th, 1:00pm (Student Matinee), 7:30pm (Public Performance)

  • Atlantic Road Trip – October 13th, (In-Class Workshops), 7:30pm (Public Performance)

  • Dinosaur World Live – February 27th, 1:00pm (Student Matinee); 6:30pm (Public Performance)

  • More to come!  

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Center Investment, Inc, Devona & Check Ferrel, Jennifer Witherbee, Kate Evans & Peter Smytheman,
Lynn & Frank Zenk, Natalie Noyd, Safar Law Office, P.S., Steve & Julie Robinson, Zach Missal 

For sponsorship inquiries, contact Alex Haley at [email protected]