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April 7, 2024


Dear friends of the Numerica PAC,


I know many of you are keenly interested in the status of the board’s search for a new Executive Director. We marked a critical turning point last week, and so this update is timely.


Our search process started in early January with a reassessment of the skill sets and experiences we would require in our next Executive Director. The job was heavily advertised for a month. We received 33 applications, of which 14 were selected for review, which yielded 9 for the first round of interviews and 4 candidates in final interviews in late March. Numerica PAC board members, staff, and community members had roles in the interview process, and significant time was spent checking references.


In the end, the board determined we did not have the right person in our pool of applications, so we have temporarily suspended the search. 


We have high standards and a clear vision for the Numerica PAC’s next Executive Director, and we made a commitment to ourselves and our staff to not fill this position until we had just the right person for this critical job. I am proud of the search committee and the board for having the discipline and courage to stay true to this commitment. 


For those of you who are familiar with senior manager searches, you know much of it is about timing. Good applicants who are not available or not interested today sometimes are so in short time. Timing is everything. 


We’re nearing the end of the 2023-24 Numerica PAC season, with a Black Box event, Spring Fling, Apple Awards, EKAP programs, and the Apple Blossom Musical just around the corner. We have a strong financial position. We have a strong 2024-25 season in the making. We have a state-of-art facility. We have talented staff to execute our programming, and we have an engaged board.


The board will take a short respite from “executive search” issues, reevaluate, and relaunch a new search later in 2024.


Thank you again for your ongoing support for the Numerica PAC. We promise to keep you updated as this process unfolds later this year.




Steve Robinson

Chairperson, Board of Directors