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Give NCW

Through Dec 31st, make a donation to the Numerica PAC through the Give NCW campaign and help all school kids get the access to a performing arts education that schools can’t always provide.

“Every Kid at the PAC” (EKAP) is devoted to improving the quality of life and educational experience for our underprivileged youth. Many of us would be alarmed to learn that 20 of our 24 local elementary schools have a majority of their student populations that qualify for free and reduced meals. This is an indicator of families who struggle with poverty. Many of these same schools have a minority population of over 50%, and those in smaller communities just don’t have access to a quality arts education that families who are more privileged easily enjoy.

This past school year, more than 7,000 students from 11 regional school districts attended enriching performances at the Numerica PAC in downtown Wenatchee, or experienced world-class performances and after-school workshops at their schools – all for free.





“There is many things I love about the Numerica PAC, but I am most grateful for the opportunity they have given me as an individual to gain my confidence on stage and to expand my love of music and performing.”

– Esmerelda Montes, college student, former EKAP student


With the community’s support, students within North Central Washington in 2018 will see:


Change a life. Make a difference today. Make a gift to the Numerica Performing Arts Center.

Make your gift on “Funday Mondays” and you’ll be entered in a drawing to receive $500 from the Community Foundation to donate to any Give NCW nonprofit(s) of your choice.