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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the sizes of the trees? Does every tree have to be “themed”?

Mini Trees are Christmas Trees that are under 4-feet tall. Grand Trees are
Christmas Trees that are 4 foot or taller. Themes are not required by
highly encouraged.

What is the Swanky Soiree?

The Swanky Soiree is a new fundraising event for two nights only,
November 17 & 18. Guests are invited to dress in their swankiest holiday
attire at the Wenatchee Convention Center for cocktail hour to peruse the
forest of festive trees. Then, everyone will move to the Numerica PAC
stage for hors d ‘oeuvres, desserts, cocktails, and professional dueling
pianos! Attendees bid on their favorite songs for an unforgettable musical
experience that benefits the Numerica PAC. It will be a dazzling evening
filled with festive fun and tremendous support for the Numerica Performing
Arts Center, thanks to our sponsor Confluence Health.

Can you bid on the Grand Trees at the Swanky Soiree?

A Grand Tree is any Christmas Tree that is 4 feet or taller. Some Grand
Trees will go into a Silent Auction (which is open for bidding on throughout
the Festival week) while others will go into a Live Auction (which is open
for bidding on at the Tannenbaum Auction on Sunday, November 19).
Attendees of the Swanky Soiree will be able to bid on the Grand Trees in
the Silent Auction during cocktail hour.

Will there be a live auction at the Swanky Soiree?

There may be a couple of surprise live auction items that evening, but the
bidding at Swanky Soiree will be for song requests and donations to the
Numerica PAC.

What is the Tannenbaum Auction?

Tannenbaum = Christmas Tree! This event features a live auction of
Christmas Trees to benefit the Numerica PAC and close out our Festival
week, thanks to our sponsor Confluence Health. Our community, including
families, is encouraged to come and bid on a tree to take home this
holiday season. There will be small brunch foods, mimosas, and live
entertainment – plus, we will be closing out the Silent Auction and pulling
Raffle winners at this time.

Will there be a Dinner & Live Auction or Gala?

No. If you are looking for an event to get dressed up and support the
Numerica PAC, consider getting a ticket to the Swanky Soiree – where
you can support the Numerica PAC through the performing arts. If you are
looking to purchase a tree, consider getting a ticket to the Tannenbaum
Auction – where you can bid on Grand Trees with the family.

Can you bid on the trees even if you cannot attend the events?

You can enter to win Mini Trees through a raffle during any Free Public
Viewing hours, but you must be present to enter. You can also bid on
Grand Trees that are in the Silent Auction during any Free Public Viewing
hours, as long as you are present to silently bid. Grand Trees that are in
the Live Auction can only be bid on during the Tannenbaum Auction on
Sunday, November 19. Bidder proxies are allowed, but payment is due
upon the conclusion of the event.

What is the dress (attire) for the events?

Come as you are to the Festival of Spirits, Christmas Karaoke
Competition, and Teddy Bear Time, or Tannenbaum Auction! The
Swanky Soiree will be among the dressiest of the five-day festival events.
Guests are encouraged to dress to match the title, including holiday
cocktail attire, gowns, black tie, or however you define “swanky”.

What can I do at Free Public Viewing?

Grab a warm drink from the Numerica PAC and head to the Wenatchee
Convention Center lower lobby to peruse the elaborately decorated
holiday evergreens. Each Mini Tree, Wreath, and more will be available to
win in a raffle, while some Grand Trees will be available to bid on in a
Silent Auction. Don’t forget to drop off your letters to Santa – he may even
write back!

When or how will the trees be delivered?

All trees can be taken home at the conclusion of the Tannenbaum Auction
on Sunday, November 19. Winners can take their own tree(s) at this time
or choose to have their tree(s) delivered for a $50 fee. Delivery must be
within 20 miles of the Numerica PAC and before the Thanksgiving holiday.
Delivery arrangements will be made at the conclusion of the Tannenbaum

How else can I contribute or volunteer for the week?

A volunteer sign-up form can be found at
Donate a decorated Wreath, Mini Tree, or other holiday item (more info at

Sign up to sponsor as many Grand Trees as you would like starting at $60
by October 20 (more info at

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About Numerica Performing Arts Center

The Numerica Performing Arts Center (Numerica PAC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit with a mission to develop an exceptional and accessible center for the arts that inspires, empowers, and educates our community.

Located in the heart of downtown Wenatchee at the Stanley Civic Center, the Numerica PAC offers something for everyone in an intimate 550-seat venue. Throughout the entire year, the Numerica PAC offers world-renowned programming at affordable ticket prices, partners with local organizations to produce high-quality community theatre, and serves as a venue rental space for other local and touring events.